Genuine Science offers a wide range of spectrophotometers for various applications, including UV-Vis, NIR, and fluorescence spectroscopy. Our spectrophotometers are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements with high precision and sensitivity. Our instruments come with user-friendly software that enables easy data analysis and management. Whether you need to measure absorbance, transmittance, or fluorescence, our spectrophotometers can provide accurate and reliable results for a wide range of applications, such as life science research, environmental analysis, and pharmaceutical development. With Genuine Science's spectrophotometers, you can trust that your measurements are reliable and precise, and you can accelerate your research and development with ease.

Optima SP-3000DB
  • Double beam spectrophotometer
  • Spectrum bandwidth 1nm
  • Measurement wavelength 190~1,100nm
  • 8 inch color touch screen
  • 8-row multi-cell holder
  • Japanese voice navigation
  • Lamp life 2,000 hours
  • IQ/OQ/PQ validation possible (optional)
Optima NanoEX Lite
  • Provides an easy and user-friendly user environment.
  • The growth rate of bacteria and other cells can be measured.
  • Press the button for 2-3 seconds to enter sleep mode.
  • Measurement results can be saved to USB or downloaded to a computer.
  • Measurement data is saved on the NanoEX Lite main unit, so a computer is not required.
  • Adopts an LCD touch panel for easy operation.
  • It has a light and compact design of 148 x 179 x 110 mm and 1.4Kg.
Rittun U3660
Rittun U3660
  • Dual Beam
  • Wide wavelength range of 190nm-1100nm with wavelength scanning
  • 0.5nm optical resolution, providing 4 spectral bandwidth options 0.5/1/2/4 nm
  • Multiple measurement solutions including spectroscopic, kinetic, photometric and quantitative
  • UltraUV GLP/GMP compatible workstation PC software to simplify analytical methods, measurement operations and processing results
SupNir 2700
SupNIR-2700 Near Infra-red Analyzer

SupNIR-2700 series is infrared analyzing equipment; it uses Holographic digital grating and high sensitivity InGaAs detector (TEC constant temperature cooling). The sample is analysis is based on the diffuse reflection model, and the wavelength range covers 1000-2500 nm. With the help of computer software called RIMP, particles, flakes, powder samples, chemical components are rapidly detected while not affecting their chemical and physical composition. To carry out a test, all that is needed is to place the sample on the tray, click the ‘measure’ button, and automatically perform the analysis. It is widely used in feed production, grain and oil processing, breeding research, and other fields.

M5000 AES
M5000 Spark AES Metal Analyzer

Metals analyzer creatively combined with world leading argon circulation technology enables the analysis of Fe, Al, Cu and other bases materials. It is an ideal solution to fast and accurate quanti-tative analysis near the furnace, metal material quality control and scientific research.

  • Compact designed desktop unit
  • Energy saving, standby power 100VA, no vaccum pump
  • Full wavelength coverage, customized factory calibration, adding new element without further hardware configuration
Expec 6000

The SUPEC 7000 ICP-MS integrates liquid chromatography, an online gas dilution system, automatic rapid injection, oxygenated combustion, laser exfoliation, direct atmospheric injection, organic injection and other specialized technologies to meet the needs of various professional applications. Pre-install the Element V professional mass spectrometry software system with a standard method library, automatic tuning, wizard mode of operation and visual status monitoring at any time and anywhere, which significantly reduces the operational difficulty of the mass spectrometry software system and is suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications. Through continued product innovation, the SUPEC 7000 Series delivers faster, more sensitive, and better interference reduction analysis and the specialized design makes the application easier.


EXPEC 5210 is a triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometer with independent intellectual property rights. It has excellent sensitivity and stability. With outstanding scalability and better cost performance, it is widely used in the fields of food safety, medical testing, biomedicine and environmental testing. It also has thousands of compound standard libraries and rich application method libraries to meet the application needs of mass spectrometry users.

  • Excellent sensitivity and stability
  • Powerful and friendly Mass Expert mass spectrometry workstation
  • Dual Orthogonal E-spray Ion Source
  • Ionic interface
  • High-speed dynamic collision cell
  • Reliable multi-stage vacuum system
  • Perfect instrument control system
Optosky FTIR
FTIR ATP900Plus, Optosky
  • Solid / Liquid Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR)
  • Michelson interferometer with wear free and reliability of 10 year guaranty, with cube-corner mirror resist mechanical and temperature vibration
  • ATP8900plus is the handheld FT-IR spectrometer with a resolution of 1cm-1, compact design fit to field application
  • Super sensitivity and reliable temperature controlled
  • DTGS detectors
  • Intelligent feedback detection technique, real-time monitors the lamp current and protects the hollow cathode lamps.
  • Easy changing emission burner for easily ionized elements such as K, Na, etc., with linear range 3 times that of normal flame.
  • High precision mass flow controller and stable electronics in flame system control the fuel flow accurately. Temperature control protection system with dual air circuit breakers in GF system to effectively prevent current overload or abnormal temperature rise.
  • 8-lamp turret with automatic change and optimization supports 1 working lamp and 7 preheating lamps in the same time.
  • Hamamatsu’s high performance PMT as the detector.
  • Molding PPS spray chamber has high chemical stability, withstanding high temperature and strong acids etc..