Material Science

Genuine Science is proud to offer a comprehensive range of material science instruments for our customers. Our collection includes state-of-the-art devices for materials characterization, sample preparation, and surface analysis. Our instruments are designed to provide accurate and reliable results, making them ideal for a wide range of applications in fields such as metallurgy, electronics, and biomaterials. We also offer customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. With our advanced material science instruments, our customers can conduct research with precision and confidence.

Tungsten Filament Scanning Electron Microscope SEM2000, Ciqtek, China

The CIQTEK SEM2000 is a basic and versatile analytical tungsten filament scanning electron microscope with 20 kV resolution up to 3.9 nm and support for upgrading to 30 kV, allowing observation of microstructural information of sub-microscale samples.
It has a larger range of motion than a desktop / benchtop SEM and is suitable for rapid screening of samples, and has more expansion interfaces for BSED, EDS/EDX, and other accessories to enable a wider range of applications.

  • Electron Gun - Pre-aligned medium-sized fork-type tungsten filament
  • Resolution - 3.9 nm @ 20 kV (SE); 4.5 nm @ 20 kV (BSE)
  • Magnification - 1x to ~300,000x
  • Acceleration Voltage - 0.5 kV ~ 20 kV
  • Detector - Secondary Electron Detector (ETD)
  • Image Format - TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG
BET Surface Analyzer
BET Surface Analyzer, Ciqtek, China

EASY-V 3220 & 3210 are the BET specific surface area and pore size analysis instruments developed independently by CIQTEK, using the static volumetric.

The technology obtains several international certifications and reaches the world-class level.

  • Specific surace area testing, range 0.0005 (m2/g) and above.
  • Pore size analysis: 0.35 nm-2 nm (micropore), micropore size distribution analysis; 2 nm-500 nm (mesopore or macropore).
  • Two analysis stations. EASY-V 3220: simultaneous testing of 2 samples; EASY-V 3210: alternate testing of 2 samples.
  • Equipped with the molecular pump.
XRD AL-27 Mini
XRD AL-27 Mini
  • High frequency and high pressure X-ray transmitter not only improve the stability of the instrument, but also ensure the repeated accuracy of the measured data
  • Goniometer θs, θd arm adopts servo motor drive + optical coding control technology, goniometer rotation is more stable, diffraction Angle measurement is more accurate,linearity is better. In the measurement range of diffraction Angle, the linearity of diffraction angle is less than 0.02
  • The scattering line protection device is safe and reliable. The ray protection door is automatically forbidden to open when the sample is measured, in any case, it can avoid the operator from the scattering line radiation
  • Equipped with the most advanced cermet X-ray tube and long service life (guaranteed to work 3000 hours);
  • Compact size can be installed on the test bench, do not need a specific laboratory environment. Easy to use, operate and maintain.
NR100 Precision Colorimeter
  • Built-in white plate parameters. No need to calibrate each time which realize rapid measurement.
  • Double Apertures: Φ8mm flat aperture and Φ4mm tip aperture for switch, easy to measure concave sample in large plane.
  • Equipped with rechargeable built-in high-capacity Li-ion battery. No need to purchase battery repeatedly.
  • Handheld design: small and convenient; make the measurement easier.
  • Exquisite appearance: adopts traditional and fashionable aesthetic designs.
  • High cost performance: large output, good quality, cheap products.
PosiTector 6000

The rugged, fully electronic PosiTector 6000 Paint Thickness Gage uses magnetic and eddy current principles to measure paint thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, accurately and quickly.

  • Ready to measure—no calibration adjustment required for most applications
  • Larger 2.8" impact resistant color touchscreen with redesigned keypad for quick menu navigation
  • Weatherproof, dustproof, and water-resistant—IP65-rated enclosure
  • Wear resistant ruby probe tip, for long-lasting calibration
  • PosiTector interchangeable platform—attach any PosiTector probe to a single gage body
  • USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity to PosiSoft PC, Mac, and Smartphone software
  • Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST or PTB included (Long Form)
  • Measures any element from Na(11)~U(92)
  • Min. measuring limit - Cd/Hg/Br/Cr/Pb≤2ppm
  • Measures any irregular shape
  • Sample type could be Plastic/Metal/Film/Power/Liquid etc
  • Si-Pin or SDD detector,high speed pulse height analysis system
  • Tube Voltage: 5~50KV
  • Tube current: 1~1000μA
  • Filter: 6 filters are automatically selected and converted
  • Analysis method:Theoretical α coefficient method,basic parameter method,empirical coefficient method
  • Analysis time: 30~900 seconds and adjustable
Melting Point
Melting Point, Hannon China
  • Adopt a 8-inch touch screen
  • 720P HD camera and 8x optical magnification. Sample detail changes are clearly visible;
  • Heating rate can be adjusted from 0.1 to 20°C
  • Can connect to external recirculating water batch to guarantee testing temperature.
  • Archive to store testing methods, history results, videos and curves
  • Optional to connect printers, like Thermal Printer; Laser Printer; Wireless Printer; Can generate testing reports in PDF or Excel version
  • Built-in data retrieval function for quick check-up
  • Compliant FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Sieve Shaker, Amekette
  • 3-D effect Sieving
  • Continuous, Intermittent and Logic Modes
  • Measuring range from 20μm to 10mm
  • Capacity : Upto 8 Sieves of 200 mm Dia x 50 mm height / Upto 16
  • Sieves of 100 mm Dia x 25 mm height
  • Shake Time : Programmable from 1min to 99 min
Brookfield Viscometer
  • Low cost and easy to use
  • Direct display in: cP or maps, % Torque, Spindle, and Speed
  • Torque measurement accuracy: 1% of full scale range
  • Repeatability: 0.2% of full scale range
  • Compatible with all Brookfield accessories
  • NIST traceable viscosity standards available
  • 18 speeds for greater range capability (0.3 to 100 rpm)


These Particle size analysers are manufactured by JINAN WINNER PARTICLE INSTRUMENT STOCK CO., LTD which specialises in laser particle size analyzer since 1985. It is specialised in Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer, Dynamic Light Scattering Nanometer Particle Size Analyzer, Image Particle Size Analyzer, Online Particle Size Analyzer, Droplet Particle Size Analyzer and Particle Counter etc.


A highly economical, winner2000E laser particle size analyzer with wet dispersion, is the most popular model since launched. After more than ten years of tests and numerous technical improvements, the structure and software are very mature, stable performance. It can acurately meet almost any industrial testing general requirements.

  • Wet Dispersion
  • Measuring range: 0.1 - 300µm
  • Manual operation

Winner3005 Automatic laser particle size analyzer for powders, Intelligent full automatic operation modes. MIE scattering principle as basic, Converging light Fourier transform optical path, Highly stable He-Ne laser and High sensitive ring photoelectric detector,guarantee good repeatability and accuracy.

  • Dry Dispersion
  • Measuring range: 0.1 - 500µm
  • Fully automatic operation

Winner2309 intelligent full automatic laser particle size analyze. It adopta MIE scattering principle, which is integrated model of wet and dry dispersion units. It’s the 1st choice for industrial production quality control departments and research institutions which have many different types of particles and wide particle size distribution.

  • Wet Dispersion
  • Measuring range - 0.1 - 300µm
  • Manual operation

Advanced droplet particle size analyzer

  • Standard - ISO13320-1:1999, GB/T19077.1-2008, Q/0100JWN001-2013
  • Measuring range - 0.1/1 - 500/1000µm
  • Laser - LD Pump Laser;λ=532nm, p>40mw, life time>25000 hour
  • Instrument structure - Split-type
  • Sampling mode - Open style
  • Testing area length - 0.1-10m/adjustable
  • Fully Automatic
  • Exclusive patent technology

Winner803 dynamic light scattering nanometer particle size analyzer is based on the dynamic light scattering principle, It's 3rd generation nano particle size analyzer, widely used in company product lab research and university use. Especialy good for testing particle size distribution of coloured particles.

  • Standard - GB/T 19627-2005/ISO 13321:1996GB/T 29022-2012/ISO 22412:2008
  • Wet Dispersion
  • Measuring range - 1-10000nm
  • Concentration range - 0.1mg/ml--100mg/ml
  • Fully Automatic
  • Detector - Imported HAMAMATSU photo-multiplier
Particle Image Analyzer
Winner300D Dynamic Particle Image Analyzer for powders

Exclusive dynamic particle image analyzer --Winner300D, which test particle size distribution and Morphology in 20um--3000um.(Implement International standard:ISO/DIS-13322-2 ), The image of sample particles can be captured in real time, stored and processed. The amount of sample is larger than statistic mode, the analysis result is more representative and reproducible