Life Sciences

Genuine Science is a leading provider of high-quality life sciences instruments for research and clinical applications. Our range of life sciences instruments includes DNA/RNA extraction and purification systems, real-time PCR machines, gel electrophoresis systems, and imaging systems. Our instruments are designed to deliver reliable, precise, and efficient results for a wide range of life sciences applications, from basic research to clinical diagnostics. We also offer a wide range of consumables and accessories to support your life sciences experiments, from reagents and kits to software and spare parts. With Genuine Science's life sciences instruments, you can accelerate your research and development, and contribute to the advancement of science and medicine.

Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer
EzDrop 1000 Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

EzDrop 1000 Micro-Volume UV/Vis Spectrophotometer accelerates your research efficiency. It can complete the measurement of a sample concentration speedily in 3 seconds.
EzDrop 1000 provides dynamic full-spectrum 190-1000 nm detection, while the sample window is equipped with Nano hydrophobic coating, ensuring highly accurate results.

Shaking Incubator
Shaking Incubator

General incubator with shelve, built-in roller apparatus, or built-in shaker for various method of cell incubation.

  • Temp. Rang - Ambient +5°C to 60°C
  • Temp. Accuracy - ±0.25°C at 37°C
  • Controller - Microprocessor Digital PID
  • Speed Range - 30 to 300rpm
  • Speed Increment - 1rpm
  • Time Range - Continuous or up to 99h 59min
CO2 Incubator
CO2 Incubator

The incubator is ideal for the experiments involving cultivation of animal cells, sperm / ovum, anaerobic cells, all types of microbe cells, hatching / germinating and special tissues.

  • Temp. Rang - Ambient +5°C to 60°C
  • Temp. Accuracy - ±0.25°C at 37°C
  • Temp. Increment - 0.1°C
  • Controller - Microprocessor Digital PID
  • CO2 Range - 0% to 20%
  • CO2 Sensor - IR CO2 Sensor
Microplate Luminometer
LuBi - Microplate Luminometer, MicroDigital, Korea

Microplate Luminometer, an optimum solution with various scan modes and multiplate options, measuring in high throughput scan rate: 96well microplate within only 15 seconds.
It is superior to existing luminometers with 10 times the sensitivity, dynamic range up to 107 and linearity of R2~0.9999. It also features 2 syringe pumps for the injection of reagents.

Mobi - Microplate Spectrophotometer

Mobi features monochromator-based measurement optics to offer a wide range of wavelengths from UV to the visible spectrum.

  • Detection modes: Absorbance
  • Reading methods: End-pont, Kinetic, Spectral Scanning, Well-area scanning
  • Microplate Types: 6 to 384 well microplate
  • Light source: Xenon Flash Lamp
  • Detector: Photodiode
Rotory Evaporator
Rotory Evaporator
  • 6 different types of flasks are attachable (from 50ml to 3000㎖)
  • Digital speed control
  • Digital R.P.M Display / Speed control range : 20~280 R.P.M
  • Vertical type condenser
  • Digital interior temperature measure and display
  • Motorized UP- DOWN control switch
  • Easy to utilize standard distillation solution
KJMD-6T Microwave Digestion System

KJMD-6T microwave digestion apparatus is used for digestion of various foods, medicines, environmental samples, geological and mineral products, biological products, chemical products, etc.; it is used for sample pretreatment of analytical instruments such as AFS, AAS, ICP, ICP-MS, LC-MS, etc.

Ultra Low Deep Freezers, Trufrost

Trufrost -86 ULT Freezers are specially designed for long term storage of various biological products, including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, leucocytes and cutis. They are ideal for blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, laboratories in electronic & chemical plants, biological institutes and fisheries.

Peristaltic Pumps, Longer Pumps, China
  • Prime button for fast filling and emptying
  • The pump could be controlled manually through control panel or automatically through external control interface.
  • Communication function: the pump could be controlled by computer through RS485 interface.
  • Memory function: Storing the running parameters automatically
  • Equipped with Longer Dispensing Controller for filling function
Velocity 30R
Velocity 30R

The Dynamica Velocity 30R refrigerated centrifuge provides high speed (up to 30,000rpm) as well as large capacity (6x250ml) and versatile range of rotors (11 types of rotors). It is the most capable centrifuge in this class.

  • Brushless induction drive
  • Microprocessor control
  • Active imbalance detection and cut-off
  • Automatic rotor identification system with over speed protection
  • CFC-free refrigeration system (-20 to +40)
  • Autoclavable rotors
Velocity 14 / 14R Pro
Velocity 14 / 14R Pro

The Velocity 14 / 14R Pro centrifuges feature a compact footprint and provides the flexibility to alternate from micro-volume centrifugation to medium-volume centrifugation at an impressive maximum speed of 14,000 RPM / 20,290xg.

The FA15A rotor is sufficiently fast and yet accommodating for up to 24 x 1.5/2 ml tubes with a terminal velocity of 14,000 RPM (18,726 x g) whilst the FA15C rotor has sufficient capacity for up to 6 x 50 ml tubes reaching an impressive terminal velocity of 14,000 RPM (20,290 x g) in V14R Pro. The new SW4C Swing Bucket Rotor further expands the flexibility of the centrifuges to incorporate a wide range of new applications.

Velocity 13µ
Micro Centrifuges
  • Compact design to minimize bench space used
  • Rapid acceleration (< 12 seconds) and deceleration (< 16 seconds)
  • Simple display with mono LCD
  • Safe operation with lid-lock function
  • Corrosion resistant rotor
  • Two rotors available 12 x 1.5 / 2 ml Tubes (standard) & 32 x 0.2 ml
Flammable Safety Cabinet
Flammable Safety Cabinet

HALLON Flammable Liquid Chemical Safety Cabinets, help you to proper store, classify each hazardous chemicals, reduce risks and ensure personal and environmental safety.

  • Constructed of 1.2mm, double-walled steel, along with 38mm of insulating air space for fire resistance. a double key set and/or accepts an optional padlock.
  • 3–point stainless steel bullet latching. The shelves safely direct spills to back and bottom of leak–tight, 50mm lower sump.
  • Dual vents, four adjustable levelling feet and a grounding connector. Fully painted inside and out with durable lead-free epoxy/polyester powder paint for chemical resistance.
Ductless Fumehood

The new Captair Smart ductless filtering fume hoods are designed with a simple and innovative way of communication to let you know the hood is protecting you and in optimal working order. Smart Technology uses Smart-Light Communication to quickly see that the hood is operating safely so you can focus your attention on what is most important: your work.

Freeze Dryer
Laboratory Freeze Dryers, GoldSim

Floor type -58°C, 2-25L Ice capacity, suitable for water solution samples
Floor type -86°C, 2-25L Ice capacity, suitable for sample containing acid, alkali and organics

  • Automatic Programmable Control System
  • Shelf heating system
  • Pre-freezing system
  • Defrosting System
  • Automatic Pure Nitrogen Gas Purge System (for biological samples)
  • High-perfomance vacuum pump with vacuum backfilling function


Genuine Science deals in water purification systems manufactured by ADRONA SIA from Latvia.
Adrona produces laboratory water purification systems, which are based on reverse osmosis and ion exchange technologies, have already proved its quality and safety in long term operation in different laboratories in Latvia and abroad./i> which specialises in laser particle size analyzer since 1985. It is specialised in Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer, Dynamic Light Scattering Nanometer Particle Size Analyzer, Image Particle Size Analyzer, Online Particle Size Analyzer, Droplet Particle Size Analyzer and Particle Counter etc.

Q-Front EDI
Q-Front (EDI) Pure

The compact and user-friendly Q-Front EDI Pure systems are highly recommended as a pure water source for your laboratory, providing Class 2 water for a wide range of Food laboratory applications.

  • Reliable operation
  • Low running costs
  • Great price/performance
  • Pressurized water storage
  • Easy installation and maintenance
B3OO Ultrapure water purification

The Adrona B300 is an ultrapure water purification system that requires an external water tank that uses tap water as feed water

The B300 has completely new electronics and software that provide several additional features: a large color touch screen, data logging, warning and alarm messages, a wide range of flow control options, the ability to connect multiple remote dispensers, Ethernet and USB interfaces, issuance report preparation, improved accuracy of conductivity and TOC measurements.

Crystal EX

The Adrona Crystal EX system is an economic model of a multifunctional water treatment system. Despite its affordable price, the Crystal EX system is capable of producing both Grade 1 and Grade 2 water. The system is based on reverse osmosis and ion exchange technologies optimized for the best quality. Crystal EX has excellent price-performance ratio and very low running costs.