Gas Analyzers

Genuine Science offers high-quality Japanese gas analyzers by J Science for different gas detection applications.

Medical Gas Analyzer GC203

The analyzer enables analysis of the medical gas portion through simple operations.

  • Column oven Temp. - 50 °C
  • Detector - Thermistor type TCD
  • Analysis column - MS-5A, 3 m
  • Data processor - JSμ7 (PC type)
  • Power requirement - AC100 V +/- 10% 300 VA
  • Overall dimensions - Approx. 405(w)x460(d)x215(h)mm
  • Gross weight - Approx. 18 kg
EOG Densitomekar GC206

Accurate measuring of ethylene oxide concentration and relative humidity in the sterilization chamber.

  • Measuring method - T-TCD
  • Measuring range - 0 to 30 vol%
  • Repeatability - Less than ± 5%FS
  • Stability - Both zero and span less than ± 5%FS
  • Response speed - Within 1 min. (90% response)
  • Sampling volume - Less than 1L/min
  • Surrounding temperature - 10 to 40°C (Temp. variation should be less than ±3%)
  • Power source - AC100 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz 1.0 kVA
LPG Analyzer GC205

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) consists of a liquid phase portion and a gas phase portion. LPG is measured with the gas chromatograph with its liquid phase portion sampled and evaporated.
With a liquid sample vaporizer attached, the analyzer enables analysis of the liquid phase portion through simple operations.

  • Gas Chromatograph - GAS 1000T
  • Manual gas sampler - GSL-800M series
  • Liquid sampling unit - LSV-202
  • Data processing unit - JSμ7 (PC type)
  • Gross weight - Approx. 50 kg
  • Overall dimensions - Approx. 1200(w) x800(d) x600(h)mm
  • Power requirement - AC100 V +/- 10%, 1.25 KVA
Automatic Fuel Gas Analyzer GC2011
  • All kinds of fuel gases can be automatically analyzed with high accuracy.
  • Analysis available of 18 components ranging from H2 to C6 up; H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2, C2H4, C2H6, C3H4, Analysis of H2 to C5 available in 15 min only.
  • Analysis time shortened with 3 pieces of TCD detectors and original column system.
  • Automatic analysis without troublesome manual operations required.
  • Automatic execution of analysis up to printout of a report simply with analysis started with sample gas flow.
Hydrogen in Steel Measuring System JTF-20A

This system measures hydrogen in steel, the causative agent of delayed fracture,according to the thermal desorption method in use of the gas chromatograph. The system takes continuous batch measurements of hydrogen, verifies behavior of hydrogen to be discharged with temperature change, and displays data such as the temperature-amount of discharged hydrogen in a measurement result list and in a graph to t hereby verify behavior of hydrogen.

Oil in Liquid CO2 measuring System GAL202 PRO

As to carbon dioxide as a food additive, oil (high-boiling point lubricating oil and others) is the object of measurement as well as inorganic gas components such as H2, O2, N2, sulfur compounds and hydrocarbon components. Out of them, oil had been conventionally measured according to the IR method after absorption in carbon tetrachloride. However, carbon tetrachloride could not be used as a result of enforcement of control of CFC. It was thus the problem with the IR method that long time is inevitable including pretreatment. This system performs full automatic operations of all processes, ranging from sample enrichment to FID measurement in adoption of the gas chromatograph method.

Carbon and Nitrogen Simultaneous Determination Unit JM1001
  • Agriculture: Analysis of carbon and nitrogen in soils and crops.
  • Livestock: Analysis of crude protein in raw materials and mixed fertilizers.
  • Analysis of carbon and nitrogen in fertilizers.
  • Food: Analysis for quality control of raw materials and products.
  • Fuel: Analysis of fuels such as oil and coal.
  • Chemical industry: Analysis of high molecular compounds, dyestuff, petrochemicals, etc.
  • Environment: analysis of carbon and nitrogen in sludge and earth and sand on river bottom and sea bed; analysis of carbon, nitrogen in industrial waste Pharmaceutical and clinical analyses.
Compact gas chromatograph CGC-001
  • This is a compact Dedicated machine dedicated for TCD or FID and packed columns.
  • Compact as a general-purpose machine, especially with a very slim design of 300 mm in width.
  • The inlet can be selected, and the system can be used as a system by docking with a gas sampler, etc. when the specification without inlet is selected.
  • It is ideal for use as a dedicated machine, routine work, and research.
  • Durability of the device has been pursued through the adoption of an analog flow control system and proven technology.
AG-2 Series
  • With simultaneous fitting of max. 3 units of detectors and 4 lines of column systems, these gas chromatographs enable analysis of all components of diversified sample gases mixed with inorganic gas and organic substance
  • Microanalysis available from ppb level to sub ppm level.
  • These gas chromatographs can be used for analysis of wet state gas containing much moisture